Currently retraining to be a lawyer/researcher.

Multidisciplinary trained (criminology, management, legal sociology, philosophy, strategic analysis) at 4 academic institutions (KUL, VUB, Oxford Summer University, IISL). Experienced in project management, data analytics and entrepreneurship.

Led projects that impacted 300–1,000 employees. Trained 1,5K people on soft skills and reached over 1 million views on social media through organic and paid traffic. Was amongst the first in Europe to launch high-end hybrid (teaching/coaching) program that uniquely combines science and intuition. Experience in branding, storytelling, sales and disruptive strategies.

Passionate about the intersection between Law, Ethics and Technology (especially AI). Researches topics like prophylaxis, censorship, digital surveillance, social credit systems, pandemic jurisprudence and more broadly speaking Transhumanism through a human rights lens. Human Organic Race conservationist.

Strongest weapon is an exceptional pen aimed at raising public awareness and creating impact on academia, lawmaking and industry. Open to discuss teaching, researching or consulting assignments related to law or business/entrepreneurship.

Married to AI space weather scientist and mother of 3 small children. Straightforward. Devoted. Persevering.

Fluent in: Dutch, French, English

And a little bit of: German, Spanish

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