Meet Karianne

Karianne Boer (1978) is a leading international expert on dating, love and relationships.

Karianne appears in widely read Dutch-speaking media like Goed Gevoel, Flair, Het Nieuwsblad and De Morgen.

Her clientele includes lawyers, psychologists, consultants, police leaders, educators, business owners, C-level professionals, bankers and members of affluent families.

Karianne holds two master’s degrees and two certificate degrees from premier European universities (KU Leuven, Solvay Business School, Oxford). She’s been professionally coaching groups for the past 15 years and mentoring women on love for the past 8 years.

She serves her clients fluently in three languages (Dutch, French, English) and is learning two more (Spanish and German).

Love Mentor

Having survived a challenging childhood and having struggled with love, dating and relationships for over a decade, she went to the mesmerizing island of La Palma in 2010. Being at the lowest point in her life, she sat down on a rock a few feet away from the abyss.

She seemed to have it all – degrees, career, apartment – and yet she felt she was missing something. She didn’t want to settle for somebody to fill a gap or be responsible for her happiness, nor did she want to continue living her life alone and having a failed love life.

She was tired of being confused by text messages, being ghosted after three weeks of intense chatting, feeling attracted to emotionally unavailable men, being rejected by men who said they just needed more time, having on-off relationships with guys who just wanted her for her body – in short: not being able to build a sparkling and lasting love story.

She felt powerless about that same, old pattern of wanting people who didn’t want her, though their words claimed so, but their actions proved the opposite (sex but no commitment).

She just didn’t know how to break through her patterns and find the love of her life.

As she was sitting down on the rock, she had an epiphany. She suddenly experienced an intense feeling of serenity like never before. She felt that her life was worth living and realized she just needed to transform her thoughts and actions to stop suffering and start winning in relationships!

Now, she knew what to do. She applied this insight and devoted herself to studying personal transformation and love, and two years later, as a result, she attracted her soulmate.

While Karianne was able to end dating drama for herself, she still observed too many women around her suffering from broken hearts, desperation or giving up on love. She visited Spain again, but this time she went to Málaga with a business mentor. She became aware that she was destined for a calling to help other women transform themselves. She left a steady career in law enforcement to become an entrepreneur and found a love school for women (Singles Academy).

Today, her mission is to end global dating drama and help build healthy relationships.

Karianne loves the Chinese proverb: ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ In a similar vein, she believes that if women who struggle with love learn the knowledge and skills to find a soulmate, they can be happy for a lifetime.

Spillover Effect

Before reaching out to Karianne, clients are confident women at work, but feel insecure, confused, disappointed, afraid, and sometimes desperate in love. After they’ve worked with her, they feel confident in dating, energetic, self-compassionate, calm and no longer in doubt if they receive mixed signals. And, most importantly, they stop wasting time on the wrong men.

There is a spillover effect, too. Clients get promotions and make more money.

Karianne’s record is helping a woman who lacked love for her entire life (5 decades). She helped a client break toxic patterns and created an irresistible yet authentic dating profile for her. She taught her date-smarter-not-harder strategies. All of this helped her client not only to find a loving man but she was also promoted twice at work. Her Facebook review can be found here.

Free Masterclass

Dating drama may look like this:

  • You can not find interesting men.
  • You come across as too ‘intimidating’.
  • Guys send you mixed signals.
  • Doubt: ‘Is he serious about me?’
  • Men suddenly disappear on you.
  • You keep picking the wrong man.
  • You lack self-confidence in love.
  • Toxic lovers are hard for you to let go.
  • You suffer from dating fatigue.
  • Love is an emotional roller coaster.
  • Your standards are perfectionistic.

Does the above sound like your life?

You are not alone.

The bad news is that dating drama wastes your time and drains your energy. The good news is that attracting your soulmate is simply an art you can learn. Karianne and her clients did.

So can you.

Does this resonate with you?

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