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You are ready to invest in yourself in order to attract a high quality partner. Perhaps you want to become a mother (again), too. But you are not willing to settle down for a man just to fulfil your desire for children. Instead, you want someone to enrich your life. Someone really special. Your best friend. Your greatest fan. Your lover. And, the father of your children, if you want any.

You have an impressive career, good friends and a nice home. You lead a reasonably full life without a relationship, but you sense, deep down, there is something you could use help with. You lack affection and attention. You want one special person to talk to after work, to experience breathtaking adventures with, to have a shoulder to cry on and to share your bed with.

You seem to have tried everything, but nothing has been able to bring you the love life of your dreams. Or you may have broken up with a partner a while ago and you just do not know where to start. You desire love, but you do not want to waste more time and energy…

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