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For Single High Achieving Women, Female Entrepreneurs and Professionals Who Are Tired of the Dating Scene

An effective, yet simple approach to being wanted by high value men without going on a 1000 dates.

Karianne J.E. Boer

The Dating Scene Is Exploding

Of course it is.

Modern women no longer need a man for financial reasons. And never before in history have there been so many men available around the globe. There are over 1,500 apps and new ones are popping up every week.

The world has changed radically.

Yet, successful women struggle to find a life partner.

It’s my mission to change that.

Nowadays, the dating gurus are screaming from the top of their lungs:

‘Be on the apps, ladies, but don’t take the lead. Just be confident.’

There are golden rules for women:

  • Use 6 profile pics
  • Wait 24 hours to reply
  • Flirt with text messages
  • Trigger his hero instinct
  • Play a little hard to get
  • Go out on a 1,000 dates
  • Wear a sexy dress
  • First fully heal yourself

And friends whisper in your ear:

“Try speed dating. Try singles parties. Here’s my friend. Try him.” After a while, they adapt their message: “You’re too picky – lower your standards.” And finally they’ll say: ‘Love will come to you, if you stop looking for it. Just be patient.”

All of this can be quite exhausting, can’t it?

You started your quest to have love in your life, not to spend all evening on the apps, trying to figure out how to behave and hoping to get lucky.

This isn’t what you had in mind, and the many rules are so tedious – and most importantly ineffective – that you’re at the brink of giving up on love.

Here’s what I needed to know to find a loving, committed and amazing man:

You’ve tried hard

Right now, you’re probably part of the large group of women who’s tried some Internet dating.

You’ve probably been on dates the past two years.

You may have had a brief relationship.

You might even have tried different apps and ways to get rid of inner blocks.

But it’s messy

You remain invisible to the right guys, because you’re unconsciously focusing on the wrong men and you narrow your options too soon.

I know this because I experienced it.

For over a decade, I searched for the love of my life, and went on many dates. I did my UTMOST best.

I tried looking in different places. Bars. Parties. Events. Activities. Online.
I invested in e-books. Workshops. Courses. Therapy.

I tried flirting with texts: “Perhaps I can write these words to make him want me.”

I tried understanding men: “Maybe he’s just busy.” or “I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way.”

I tried being more feminine: “Maybe if I wear this dress, he’ll want to see me again.”

I even tried the Law of Attraction: “Dear Universe, please give me a soulmate.”
I took lots of action. Because that’s how this law works. Except it didn’t.
Because real laws only exist in physics and courtrooms.

For a long, long time, I was chasing the exact formula to start meeting high value men and find the perfect match.

Until I had an epiphany on the island of La Palma and realized I’d been working so hard to be successful in love. For 12 years to be exact, and the result was below zero: heartache, loss of confidence and lack of inner peace – and worst of all: no soulmate. Because of one ridiculously simple reason:

I was creating complexity.
I was working for love, instead of making love work for me.


From 3 decades without love to a soulmate within 2 weeks.

I was very hesitant to participate in the program and invest in it…”

“After the first meeting with Karianne, I was very hesitant to participate in the program and invest in it. After all, it’s a hefty amount [of money]! And besides, what can I get out of this? In the end, I took the step, it felt good and I had confidence in it. I wanted to invest in myself, and also make a different choice which would lead to growth in my personal development. […] This program has had a really positive effect on my life. I now have a super nice partner who clicks [with me] on all levels.”

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Ana* (38)
Senior Manager


In this video, Greta shares how she recovered from a toxic relationship and found her soulmate. This isn’t just a success story from a former client of mine. It’s very valuable advice for any sophisticated woman looking for a soulmate. In this video, you’ll learn:

[02:13] How a narcissist had taken control of her mind.
[04:51] Why friends couldn’t help her find a soulmate.
[07:39] What if she hadn’t been helped?
[09:17] The results she obtained from the program.
[10:42] Why coaching wasn’t always easy, yet very effective.
[16:05] How fixed ideas about men make women blind to love.
[17:25] What prevented her from finding a good relationship.
[22:10] Her secret for solving conflicts with her partner.
[23:12] Some wonderful news!



This Love Breakthrough Program is powered by 8+ years of my expertise and a huge passion to help entrepreneurs, C-level women, educators, lawyers, actresses, medical professionals and other high achieving women make their dream come true of being loved, respected and cherished by a high caliber partner.

Let’s move mountains together – remove your obstacles – and fill your heart with love.

What will you get from the program?

  • High-touch and exclusive: 180 days of personal guidance so you will have someone who has your back at every step throughout the way of finding real love. The result is you save lots of time and avoid confusion.
  • Seven 45 minute 1:1 focus sessions where you and I go deep to identify and remove the inner and practical blocks that stand in the way of your success in love. The result is inner peace and self love.
  • Tailored crystal clear picture of the man of your dreams. This is a done-with-you service where we focus on what you really need – wants are not the same as needs, so you can make better decisions.
  • Dating Profile Super Boost. The difference between disaster and success is the quality of your profile. This is a done-with-you service and the result is that your profile becomes magnetizing for the right men.
  • Access to daily advice over the period of 180 days (limited to 30′ of reading and answering messages per week, via Signal) so you feel confident and safe, knowing your urgent questions will be answered rapidly.
  • Access to exclusive self-study material. This material is unique, as I’m the world’s only dating coach who is academically trained in and applies behavioral and management sciences + philosophy to give advice.
  • Strategies to recognize the red flags, stop selfish men from entering your life, and instead meet more high value men, so you can achieve your relationship goal without wasting more time.

The program is delivered to you digitally. If you’re not a digiqueen and you’re worried about whether the virtual world can bring about change in the real world, I get you. I can not give you guarantees, but I have been working this way for 4 years now and it works the same way it did the 4 years before that – when I was meeting clients in real life. Even better so, you won’t waste time on traffic jams in order to talk to me.

When is the right time to start?

Many women come to see me when they’ve been single a couple of years and have already tried many different things to find a life partner – to no avail. Other clients of mine are still recovering from a bad breakup when they start working with me. Still other women are in therapy or being coached in other areas when they hire me.

Now, if you’re still crying over your ex every day, then it may not be a good time to start. But it’s also true that there’s never a perfect time to write a new chapter in your life. If you cling on to the past too long, the future will be gone before you know it.

Are you too busy for love? Look, if Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, CEO and COO of Facebook, can devote uninterrupted time to spend with their spouse, then you can make that choice, too. Stop micromanaging and striving for perfection in your professional life and start living and enjoying one of the most profound parts of the human experience. Love. And remember the good old saying that nobody on their deathbed ever said: “Oh my, I wish I had spent more time at work.”

A right time to start is when you don’t want to leave love up to fate or chance, are open to coaching, ready to step out of your comfort zone and willing to invest time and money in finding your soulmate.



You’ll have one SUPER POWER:

Unlike other women who stay stuck in their patterns, you’ll have a tailor-made strategy to experience more love, attention, energy, empowerment, pleasure and bliss with a soulmate whom you’ve attracted with a system that’s designed for magnetizing high quality men, while remaining authentic and true to yourself.

No more fatigue and fear. No more trial-and-error. No more questions marks.

Just crystal clear light shining through the confusion that once was dictating your love life. A straight road that’s customized to lead you to your soul’s deepest desire. To love and be loved. Unconditional love.




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